Servo controlled voltage stabilizers


  1. Reliable READOUT, to read both voltage and current on the output side
  2. Complete IC version and electronic sensing
  3. Protective over voltage / under voltage trip facility and spike suppressor
  4. Precise electronic over load/ short circuit trip facility
  5. Suitably integrated to work even on non-sinusoidal waveform of generator etc.
  6. Audio annunciation on restoration of power to normality
  7. Multi socket output
  8. Very High Efficiency
  9. Distort free output wave form


A.C. Servo controlled voltage stabilizer to suit your need and budget -yet no compromise in performance and quality. Some models have the unique feature of measuring digitally both voltage and current on a single meter. Trouble free service and reliability makes our servo stabilizer most competitive and prominent in the indian market. Quality assurance by experienced engineers and dependable customer support service of our effective field staff are our plus points.


1 Oil Cooled/air Cooled Models With Digital Voltage/ Current Measurement
2 Capacities 3.0 KVA – 45.0 KVA Air Cooled
30.0 KVA – 1000 KVA Oil Cooled
1 KVA -15 KVA
3 Input Voltage Range 295 V – 465 V 170 V -270 V
4 Type Of Connection 4 Wires System
5 Insulation Class B Class B
6 Frequency 47 Hz – 53 Hz 47 – 53 Hz
7 Output Voltage 400 V ± 1% Adjustable 230 V Adjustable
8 Output Waveform Distortion less true reproduction of input Distortion less true reproduction of input
9 Power Factor Nil Nil
10 Efficiency 98% Approx. at ful load 98% Approx. at ful load
11 Operating Temperature 10 °C- 55 °C
12 Correction Rate 60 V/sec 35 V/sec
13 No. of Phase Three Or Two Single Phase
14 Control Action Automatic Manual In Case Of Auto Failure
Output Can Be Set Manualy.
15 Servo Motor Rugged A.C. Synchronous Rugged A.C. Synchronous
16 Meters Digital/analog Digital/analog
17 Panel Indication LED Indications LED Indications
18 Panel Control Auto/Manual Switch
Increase / Decrease By Spring
Load Switch
Output Voltage Set Adjustment
Voltage/Current By Selection
19 Output Regulations ±1% of the set value
within the specified range
±1% of the set value
within the specified range
20 Protections Fuse protection for servo motor
Input Fuse Up. 15 KVA
Under Voltage /Over Voltage Trip
Electronic Over Load
Spike Suppresser
Single Phase Prevention
Under Voltage/ Over Voltage
Electronic Over Load
Spike Suppresser


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